Employment Law Attorney In California

While discriminating in hiring, promotion and pay are all illegal, unfortunately, there are still instances where a person may be passed over for a new job, a pay increase or promotion based on factors such as their age or their gender. When these types of problems occur, you have the right to work with an attorney who understands the federal and California state discrimination laws and hold the employer accountable for this discrimination.

Sacramento Employment Law Attorney

Those who have been threatened at work because they have reported harassment or unsafe work conditions are protected by law from being retaliated against. Even these protections are guaranteed only if you know the law and how the law applies to your case. Workers who believe they were demoted, had their hours cut or were fired and believe the root cause was because they reported illegal activity should contact a California employment attorney.

Employees and job applicants have certain rights under federal law and in many cases, California law is even more favorable. If you believe you were singled out because of an incident report you filed, because of your age, religion or gender or other discriminatory reason, contact Ortiz Law Group for help. With offices in San Diego, and Sacramento, we can help you with your case wherever you are in California.