Real Estate Law Attorney in California

The sale, purchase or leasing of real estate can get complicated. While most transactions are completed without legal problems, it is in your best interest to work with a Sacramento real estate attorney as quickly as possible after getting involved in any real estate deal. Buyers who have identified a property and sellers who have identified a buyer can benefit from having their purchase and sale agreement reviewed prior to obtaining signatures. This will protect each person involved in the transaction.

Sacramento Real Estate Law Attorney

Once a deal has been struck, there are other legal issues which must be addressed including title searches and review of financing agreements. At Ortiz Law Group, we help those who are involved in real estate transactions for residential and commercial property including review of contracts, title searches and review of financing agreements. We can also help review lease agreements to ensure you are not being bound by onerous terms.

If you are considering purchasing or leasing property in the Sacramento, contact Ortiz Law Group before signing any documents. Do not forfeit your rights by signing an agreement that has not been reviewed by a real estate attorney with extensive experience in California Real Estate Law. With offices in San Diego, and Sacramento, we can help you with your case wherever you are in California.